Aloo Tikki  £ 4.95

Pan-fried potato dumplings stuffed with spicy  green peas mixture

Batata Wada £ 4.95

Deep fried spicy potato balls

Crispy Chilly Vegetables £ 5.95

Crispy fried vegetables tossed in a spicy tangy sauce

Harabara Kebab £4.95

Potatoes & vegetable patties, shallow fried

Mogo Chips Plain / Mari   £4.95

Crispy fried tapioca plain or with pepper

Mogo Chips Garlic / Masala  £5.95

Crispy fried tapioca tossed with choice of sauces

Crispy Bhajia   £ 4.25

Slices of potatoes in spicy batter fried

Tandoori Mushroom   £5.95

Minced spinach and mushroom dumplings

Mushroom 65  £5.95

Spicy batter fried mushroom

Channa Chaat £4.95

Chick peas, potatoes, crispies and tamarind  mint yoghurt sauce

Baby Corn Salt & Pepper £5.95

Crispy fried baby corn tossed with salt & pepper

Paneer Tikka £ 6.95

Juicy chunks of cottage cheese, flavoured with spices & cooked in Tandoor

Paneer Manchurian £6.95

Cubes of cottage cheese golden fried and cooked with Chinese flavourings

Chilli Paneer £6.95

Cubes of cottage cheese tossed in mild chilli sauce

Vegetable Spring Roll £4.25

Vegetables & bean sprouts wrapped in wafer thin  pastry and deep fried

Vegetable Samosa £4.25

Golden fried triangle pastry cones stuffed with mixed vegetables

Onion Bhaji £4.25

Crispy fried onion pakoras

Vegetarian Platter (Serves Two) £9.95

2 Pieces each of Harabara kebab, veg samosa aloo tikki, mogo & paneer tikka


Naan / Butter Naan  £2.25

Garlic / Chilli Naan £2.75

Roti £2.25

Peshwari Naan (N) / Kheema Naan £3.95

Lacha Paratha £3.25

Chapathi / Phulka £2.25


Papadoms(Fried / Roasted) £0.95

Raitha £2.95

Green Salad £3.25

Chicken Nuggets £4.95

Fish & Chips £7.95

Tandoori Chicken (Half / Whole) £9.00 / 15.00

Rice / Biryani

Steamed Rice £2.95

Pilau Rice / Jeera Rice £3.45

Flavoured Rice(Mushroom / Coconut) £4.45

Egg Fried Rice £4.95

Vegetable Biryani / Egg Biryani £6.95

Biryani (Chicken / Lamb) £9.25

Seafood Biryani £11.95

For biryani dishes, please choose an accompaniment Raitha or Gravy


Crips £1.00

Dry Roasted Nuts £1.50

Chilly Peanuts £1.75

Salted Cashew Nuts £2.00

Chilly Cashew Nuts £2.00

Chilly Crisp £2.00

Bombay Mix (Crisp with Onion & Chilli) £2.50

Chilly Crisp, Peanuts Mix £4.00

Chilly Crisp, Peanuts, Cashew Mix £5.00

Pappadams (Fried / Roasted) £0.95


Non Vegetarian

Chicken Tikka £6.95
Boneless chicken cubes marinated in spicy  tandoori masala & grilled

Chicken Pepper Fry £6.95

Boneless pieces of chicken cooked with an abundance  of black pepper

Jeera Chicken £6.95

Boneless pieces of chicken cooked with cumin seeds coriander & green chillies

Chicken 65 £6.95

Chicken marinated in spicy masala and deep fried

Murgh Malai Kebab £6.95

Boneless chicken marinated in cashew paste, yoghurt cheese & cream, cooked in Tandoor

Chicken Wings £6.95

Tandoori grilled spicy chicken wings

Chicken Lollypop £6.95

Batter fried chicken drumettes, tossed in hot garlic sauce

Tandoori Salmon £7.45

Cubes of fish flavoured with spices & cooked in Tandoor

Lamb Coconut Fry £7.25
Boneless pieces of lamb cooked with black pepper and coconut chunks Sheek Kebab, Tandoori Jhinga & Fish Tikka

Barrah Kebab £8.25
Baby lamb chops marinated in ginger-garlic, yoghurt & spices cooked in Tandoor

Meat Samosa £4.45
Golden fried triangle pastry cones stuffed with minced lamb

Mutton Sheek Kebab £6.95
Minced mutton, flavoured with spices, wrapped  on a skewer & grilled

Golden Fried King Prawns £10.95
Crumb fried king prawns

Prawns Salt & Pepper £10.95
Crispy fried prawns tossed with salt & pepper

Chilli Prawns £10.95
Batter fried prawns tossed in mild chilly sauce

Tandoori Jhing £12.95
King prawns marinated in yoghurt with exotic spices & barbecued

Non Vegetarian Platter (Serves Two) £14.95
Two pieces each of Chicken Wings, Murgh Kebab Sheek Kebab, Tandoori Jhinga & Fish Tikka

Main Course


Bagara Baingan (N) £6.45
Fried aubergines cooked in spicy masala and peanut sauce

Aloo Baingan (N) £6.45
Cubed potatoes & fried aubergines cooked dry

Aloo Gobi (N) £6.45
Potatoes cooked with cauliflower in a mild masala

Bombay Aloo £6.45
Roasted potatoes in a mild masala

Aloo Tindora £6.45
Potatoes cooked with ivy gourd in a mild masala

Saag Aloo £6.45
Cubed potatoes cooked dry with spinach

Mogo Jhal Frazie £6.45
Tapioca cooked with vegetables

PaneerJhal Frazie(N) £6.95
Cottage cheese cubes cooked with vegetables

Mutter Paneer £6.95
Cubes of cottage cheese and green peas cooked in rich spicy gravy

Palak Paneer £6.95
Cubes of cottage cheese in creamy spinach

Paneer Makhani (N) £6.95
Cubes of cottage cheese in a rich gravy of creamm tomatoes & butter

Paneer Tikka Masala (N) £6.95
Juicy chunks of cottage cheese cooked in Tandoor then added in a smooth gravyChick peas, potatoes crispies & tamarind mint yoghurt sauce

Bhindi Pepper Fry(N) £6.95
Okra cooked semi dry with ground black pepper

Mushroom Bhaji (N) £6.95
Fresh mushroom cooked semi dry in mildly spiced masala

Lahori Palak Kofta Curry (N) £6.95
Spinach, paneer and potato dumplings cooked in a creamy sauce

Rili Mili Subzi (N) £6.45
Mixed vegetable curry

Vegetable Jhal Frazie £6.45
Wok tossed semi dry vegetables

Vegetable Khorma £6.45
Fresh vegetables in a mild creamy gravy

Channa Masala (N) £5.95
Chick-peas curry with green chillies & onions

Dal Palak £5.95
Yellow lentil cooked with fresh spinach

Rajma Masala £5.95
Kidney beans soaked over night and cooked with butter and cream

Dal Makhani £6.45
Black dal & kidney beans cooked overnight & finished with butter

Tadka Dal £5.95
Yellow lentil tempered with onions & green chillies

Makai Palak Curry £6.45
Sweet corn cooked with fresh spinach

Main Course

Non Vegetarian

Murgh Makhani (N) £7.95
Traditional butter chicken

Chicken Tikka Masala (N) £8.45
Chicken tikka in a tomato and cream gravy

Chicken Vindaloo £7.95
A Goan speciality of chicken & baby potatoes in spicy & tangy gravy

Chicken Khorma (N) £8.45
Chicken cooked in a mild creamy gravy

Pepper Chicken Gravy £7.95
Chicken cooked with abundance of black pepper

Murgh Methi £7.95
Chicken cooked with fenugreek leaves

Chicken Bhuna £7.95
Tender pieces of chicken cooked in thick gravy flavoured with mace and cardamom

Chicken Jhal Frazie (N) £7.95
Chicken cooked semi dry with vegetables

Chicken Curry £7.95
Medium spicy traditional chicken curry

Kadai Chicken (N) £7.95
Boneless cubes of grilled chicken cooked with spicy kadai masala

Chicken Madras £7.95
Spicy chicken curry, South Indian style

Lamb Jhal Frazie £8.45
Boneless lamb cooked with vegetables

Kheema Mutter £8.45
Minced mutton cooked with green peas

Lamb Dhansak £8.45
Lamb cooked with lentils

Lamb Chettinadu £8.45
Lamb curry from Coromandel coast of India

Lamb Madras £8.45
Spicy lamb curry, South Indian style

Lamb Rogan Josh £8.45
Spicy lamb curry flavoured with rosewater & saffron

Lamb Vindaloo £8.45
A Goan preparation of lamb with baby potatoes in spicy gravy

Lamb Bhuna £8.45
Tender pieces of lamb cooked in thick gravy flavoured with mace and cardamom

Gosht Palak £8.45
Lamb cooked with ground spinach, herbs & onions

King Fish Curry £8.45
Cubes of fish cooked in a rich brown gravy

Prawn Malai Curry £12.95
Prawns cooked in coconut milk

(N) Contain Nuts

PLEASE NOTE: On event days we will be only serving a buffet menu.